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     Welcome to NN & SS Ltd


    How We Think

    Our focus is on value, cutting out the confusion and delivering to you a straightforward and effective UK importing solution. Shipping to the UK made simple.  

    Whether you are about to start importing to the UK for the first time or you have experience of importing for years talk to our friendly professional team for a UK shipping solution tailored to your needs.

    Today NN&SS Limited has established itself as a reliable and reputable developer and partner of different industrial sectors especially in Oil &Gas and Petrochemical fields.


    Our Vision:

    To be a trusted ally to our customers, partners, shareholders and employees.

    Our Mission:

    To contribute in a leading role for creating value for all who work with us as organizations and individuals.

    Our Core Values:

    Collaboration, Sincerity, Accountability, Excellence, Passion and Innovation.

    Our Background

    NN& SS Limited was established as the first investment and financing company for oil and gas projects in 2007, with shareholders from credible oil and gas industry. We also have variety of excellent services

    Considering the status of the energy market and also the situation of oil & gas projects in Iran, China, Oman, UAE, Jordan, Philippine, Lithuania, Russia and Saudi Arabia. NN&SS Ltd set its strategy to become a flexible fast acting and responsive firm to meet the demands of the complex markets of today both as pioneer developer of high tech sophisticated projects in the energy sector and as a reliable source for the mainstream business of the country; oil and gas, to facilitate sales of oil and gas products and also to supply technological demands of the industry.


    Where We Stand Today

    NN&SS Ltd provides services through its vast and strong network connecting with all governmental and private layers of the Middle East business society, thanks to its knowledgeable and credible board members, joint partners, shareholders and employees.

    The Board Members and Operation Directors at NN & SS Ltd and branches throughout the world are:

    • Mr. Arash Nassouri; Managing Director and Chairman
    • • Mr. Nasser Bahrami; Deputy Chairman & Members of boards of directors
    • • Mr. M Salehi; Members of boards of directors
    • • Mrs. Rozita Bahadori; Members of boards of directors
    • • Mr. Alireza Moghaddassi Director of Philippine operation
    • • Al Iqtidar General Trading Jordan Director of Operation
    • • Creative Energy Solutions; Poland Operation
    • • Mr. Regimantas Lithuania Operation & Members of boards of directors
    • • Mr. Eugenijus Metoiles UAE Operation
    • • Mr. Hojatollah Firoozyar-Agent; Bulgaria Operation
    • • Dr Rahim Akbari Middle East Mandate with full authorisation


    As a result of NN&SS Ltd strong performance in serving its customers, today mandates are obtained from various clients in Middle East to supply considerable amounts of their demands.

    In order to meet these demands NN&SS Ltd has diversified its presence in different areas to have its operations closer to its strategic partners and markets. With the head office located in London, NN&SS Ltd now has offices in China, Bulgaria, Poland, Philippine, Lithuania, Tehran, Jordan, and the UAE.



    Our Services


    Legal Services


    Import and Export

    • Oil and Gas
    • Metals
    • Organic fertilizer
    • Precious Metals


    Financial Sector

    • Bank instruments
    • Financial Consultation
    • Franchise Consulting and Entrepreneurship





    To expand and develop our world-wide business activities, we are always looking for new opportunities. To achieve our goal, which is growth through quality and added value, we are seeking partners who do have the potential to contribute in creating added value, either based on developing new markets for our products or by bringing new technologies and services in our existing markets.

    Core Values

    By maintaining our core values and remaining focused on improvement & delivery, our vision will become reality.

    Be Enthusiastic, Open and Honest

    The energy and enthusiasm demonstrated by NN & SS  people is infectious and prevalent Group-wide similarly, openness and honesty are standards that we at NN & SS expect to share, practice and live by it’s about being realistic and upfront - with the good news and the bad - which earns us respect from our colleagues, clients and supply chain.

    Be a Team

    Our approach to teamwork starts internally and extends to our clients, customers, professional partners and indeed the communities in which we operate. We recognize the importance of helping each other grow and succeed. Being able to operate as part of a team is a prerequisite for anyone committed to being part of NN & SS. All our successes are there to be shared – as are our shortcomings – and recognizing our good and bad points plays an important part in our drive for continuous improvement.

    Be Proactive, Committed and Safe

    Our proactive approach gets us recognition as a company that goes that bit further. Whether it’s delivering creative solutions or just being helpful, we are proud of the fact that we have the ability to add value in many ways. An underlying commitment to deliver results is another strong NN & SS characteristic and our need to do what we do safely and to protect those around us is at the forefront of all our operations.

    NN and SS LTD is made by a team of professionals