Whether you are setting up or buying a business, or developing an existing business, there are legal risks and formalities to be dealt with in order to properly protect you and your business, leaving you free to best exploit your commercial potential.

 Our connected legal firms can help you throughout these stages in your businessí progress, including the following issues arising from buying or setting up, owning, running and selling a business.


Set up issues:

Identifying the best business structure for your business

 Partnership Agreements

 Employment contracts

 Trade Mark registration

 Buying a business (or a business unit/book of business) ñ legal and regulatory due diligence including:

 Confirming the Seller owns the business

 Identifying legal risks

 Sizing existing liabilities

 Employment law issues arising from the purchase

 Share issues (if applicable)

 Check rights to key business contracts


Our connected legal firms prepare the formal documents such as:

 Purchase Agreement

 Transfer of key contracts

 transfer of employment contracts


Selling a business or business unit - advice and assistance on dealing with:

Negotiations with the buyer

The correct provision of information to the buyer

Dealing with your lenders

Arrangements with Suppliers/ Customers/ Staff

Ring fencing your liabilities

Protecting your remaining business

We will prepare the formal documentation such as

Sale agreement

Release/transfer of loans and guarantees

Formal transfer of specific assets