NN and SS Limited conected legal firms civil litigation in a number of niche areas.

These are:-

Libel/Slander (defamation) and Malicious Falsehood

Misuse of Private Information (including gagging injunctions)

 Online harassment

 Civil Fraud

 Claims for unjust enrichment, breach of trust, breach of contract,

 knowing receipt, dishonest assistance

 Claims arising from investment activity (including negligence)

 Freezing Injunctions

 Injunctions under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997

 Unlawful interference with property/conversion

 Claims brought by the FCA

 Claims brought by the Insolvency Services Companies

 Investigation Branch

 Directors disqualification proceedings

 Statutory appeals against decisions of regulatory bodies


our connected legal firms also undertake judicial review work arising from their core practice areas.

All civil litigation is conducted within a complex framework of rules setting down law and procedure. As one of our connected legal firms clients you can be assured that they have an impressive track record in dealing with a broad range of civil litigation cases all the way from the county court to the Supreme Court.

 What our connected legal firms can do for you

 our connected legal firms experienced team can:

 Provide advice to those contemplating litigation or subject to the threat of litigation.

 Draft Letters of Claim and Letters of Response

 Engage in pre-action negotiations in an attempt to seek resolution before litigation.