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شرکت مهندسی و سرمایه گذاری


پنجم اسفند ماه ، سالروز تولد دانشمند بزرگ خواجه نصیرالدین طوسی و روز مهندس و جامعه فنی و مهندسی ایران خجسته باد . امید است در سایه حق تعالی و تلاش روز افزون شما عزیزان در جامعه فنی ایرانی ، گامهایی نوین و بهینه همراه با آگاهی کامل در جهت پیشبرد وضعیت فعلی ایران عزیز برداشته شود 

                                                                                                        مدیریت عامل 

                                                                                                        آرش نصوری

روز مهندس مبارک



MAAD Investment Group



MAAD Investment Group Holdings is NN&SS limited sister company was formed with a vision to become your one solid and reputable source for General & Energy Trading, IT, Investment and Logistics. This company is a young and dynamic company professionally managed to engage in the above-mentioned sectors in Middle East and the Global Market.
The company is led by an extraordinary and well prepared group of individuals, each with a diverse set of talents in various and complementary areas of business. These virtues make our company a successful organization. We are proud that our assets are the individuals chosen to fulfil our goals and vision and guarantee the satisfaction of our clients. 

Our company and its subsidiaries are committed to delivering exceptional, personalized and flexible service to our local and international clients. We understand our clients' needs and will work hard to provide innovative, creative and low cost solutions.



Our Group has the talent, technologies and resource management to turn ideas into reality. 

Our company has established partnerships with many companies in various regions that enable us to address the needs of clients who are interested in procurement, or to assist clients who require clients for their production 

We work together, collectively, to ensure that every shipment undertaken is seen to its final closing, smoothly and effectively. 
We are able to act swiftly and decisively to meet the ever-changing needs of our various clients and form external partnerships based on fair and mutually agreed upon objectives. This along with our belief in being transparent and effective in our communication with our clients and global partners allows us the ability to transact with confidence and success. We source and supply only the very best that the commodities market has to offer.

Our network of global partners is always expanding. This makes us confident that we can grow along with the needs and demands of your business and the particular market that you operate in. Our activities, along with those of our partners and competitors balance the supply and demand for energy products and bridge the gap between producers, refiners and end-users, all of which contribute to the smooth functioning of the world economy.



To prosper together with our clients, shareholders and work force, also to contribute to a prosperous and healthy society.


Aim and Internal Charter

To deliver customer satisfaction with creativity, innovation, sincerity and gratitude, and to act in compliance with the law and ethics.

Management Policy

To take up the challenges of innovation and to respond to market needs as a diversified and multi-faceted trading company.


website address: www.maadinvestmentgroup.com

public email : info@maadinvestmentgroup.com

CEO email :  drrahimakbari@maadinvestmentgroup.com


NN and SS Limited in K-Exhibition

 NN&SS Limited in K-Exhibition

 حضور مدیر عامل شرمت در نمایشگاه پلاستیک آلمان در معیت رئیس کل نمایشگاهای آلمان، مسول نمایشگاهای شهر دوسلدورف آلمان ، سفیر آلمان در برزیل



NN and SS Limited investment group


در پی‌ سفر سرمایه‌گذاران خارجی از طرف شرکت
NN and SS Limited
به دورود صورت می‌گیرد
احداث پالایشگاه نفت و پتروشیمی در شهرستان دورود



در پی‌ سفر سرمایه‌گذاران خارجی به شهرستان دورود یکی از بزرگ‌ترین واحدهای پالایشگاه نفت و پتروشیمی در این شهرستان احداث می‌شود.





Petroleum Products





QUANTITY:      Minimum50,000MT - Maximum200,000MT                                               

QUANTITY:     Minimum 1,000,000BBLS - Maximum 5,000,000BBLS                                  


Mazut M100 Gost - 10585 - 99 , Russian Origin

QUANTITY:     Minimum 50,000MT - Maximum 200,000MT                                                          



QUANTITY:     Minimum  50,000MT - Maximum 200,000MT                                                        



QUANTITY:     Minimum 50, 000 Metric Tons - Maximum 200, 000 Metric Tons                         


QUANTITY:      Minimum 20,000 MT - Maximum 50,000 MT                                                          



QUANTITY:     Minimum 50,000MT - Maximum 100,000,000MT                                                 
Crude oil from Middle East direct contract with the source

QUANTITY:     Minimum 1MB per month 12 month contract - Maximum 5MB per month contract duration 36 months
 Crude oil from Nigeria. Our contract is direct with NNPC

QUANTITY:     Minimum 1MB per month 12 month contract - Maximum 10MB per month contract duration 36 months                                              










  1. SCO is issued to buyer Buyer sends ICPO with full banking details.
  2. Seller issues FCO to Buyer to sign and return back
  3. Seller issues Draft Contract along with Commercial Invoice (CI), Buyer Signs and returns both to Seller for final endorsement (s) Seller confirms with Refinery commitment letter issue to Buyer. 
  4. Buyer provides for Seller, Buyer’s vessel information and details Port Clearance through nominated vessel terminal. 
  5. Seller issues the following documents to Buyer:
  6. DTA- Dip Test Authorization
  9. SGS Report of the Product upon confirmation of Buyer’s share tankage information and vessel port clearance by Seller’s bank.
  10. Buyer makes Payment by Non-Transferable/Transferable DLC or MT 103/23 on monthly Delivery Payable 100% at sight after presentation to the Buyer Bank full set of Documents required for payment.
  11. upon confirmation of buyer’s payment instrument, Seller’ issues the ACT of TRANSFER in Buyers Name, Title of Ownership Certificate to be followed by all Export Documentation.
  12. Buyer conducts Dip Test and lifting commerce and Buyer releases payment as agreed by both parties after the positive quality and quantity DIP TEST RESULTS.






  1. Buyer confirms SCO and issue ICPO with full banking detail including, Buyer`s          company profile, Buyers` passport copy, Buyers Company Registration Certificate.
  2. Seller issues FCO to Buyer to sign and return back.
  3. Seller issues Draft Contract to buyer open to amendment if any
  4. Buyer and Seller endorse the Final agreed Draft Contract.
  5. Seller Legalizes the Draft contract, and send the final approved contract to Buyer including documents via fax or secured email. 

  Tank receipt 

  Statement of product Availability of Product.

  Product passport(dip test result) 

  Commitment to supply  

  Commercial invoice 

  Certificate of origin

  Export License/Refinery Reg Certificate.

  1. Both Parties Lodge the Final Contract with their Respective Banks.
  2. Buyer bank within Seven (7) banking days, after receiving the PPOP documents Buyer’s bank issues, SBLC (Stand-By Letter of Credit) by MT760, BG MT760, MT103/72 for first lift from any 25 top prime world bank to Seller’s fiduciary bank account, and failure to confirm Buyer`s POF within the 7 banking days; Buyer becomes responsible for the Storage Reservation Charges on the stored products, pending the confirmation of the swift POF from Buyer`s Bank.
  3. Seller Bank issue a 2% PB (Performance Bond) via swift to buyer’s bank.
  4. Seller releases the shipping documents; Bill of Lading, Vessel Tanker Details, Vessel's Q88 
  5. Shipment commences as per schedule.




  1. Upon arrival of the vessel at Discharge Port, the vessel captain will hand over all the original POP documents to the buyer's representative while buyer pays for the total contract after SGS, CIQ or equivalent inspection at the discharge port via T/T Wire transfer. 
  2. Buyer releases payment to Seller upon confirmation of the Certificate of Q&Q at destination port.

13 Seller releases payment to all intermediaries involve as per the signed NCNDA/IMFPA.



  1. Buyer confirms SCO and issue ICPO with full banking detail including, 

Buyer`s company profile, Buyers` passport copy, Buyers Company Registration Certificate 

  1. Seller issues Full Corporate Offer which buyer endorses and returns.
  2. Seller issues draft contract open for amendments.
  3. Both parties confirm draft Contract by endorsing it.
  4. Seller submits the contract to the ministry of energy for registration, legalization and final approval.
  5. Seller send to buyer via secured email the legalize hard copy    

Contract/partial POP;

Copy of the refinery commitment to produce the product;

Copy of Statement of Availability of the Product;( Refinery Affidavit)

Copy of License to export issued by the Russian Ministry of Energy;

Copy of Approval to export issued by the Russian Ministry of Justice;

Copy of the Charter Party Agreement to transport the commodity to discharge ports; Copy of Certificate of Origin issued by the Russian Chamber of Commerce

Copy of the port storage agreement;



  1. Buyer contacts the Sellers appointed shipping company to confirm the shipping Schedule and hire vessel that will convey the product to Buyers destination port which will be borne by both parties (Buyer/Seller), and the payment will be paid directly to shipping company via T/T wire transfer, and Buyers part payment will be deducted from the L/C value of the first shipment.
  • Bill Of Lading.
  • Vessel Details along with Q88
  • Copy of tank storage receipt;
  • Analytical Test Report, (Quality & Quantity) which is Equivalent to SGS.
  1. Upon the receipt of the above listed Shipping Documents, Buyer’s Bank replies with the payment instrument
    SBLC/MT760, BG/MT760, MT 103/23, to activate Seller’s 2% Performance Bond.
  2. Delivery Commences as Scheduled.
  3. Upon arrival of the vessel at Discharge Port, buyer releases payment for the total shipment after SGS, CIQ or equivalent inspection at the discharge port via MT103, T/T Wire transfer.
  4. Seller will release payments to the intermediaries involved within 48 hours of receiving the Payment, for the product from the Buyer’s bank. 



  1. Buyer issues Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order (ICPO) with seller procedures.
  2. Seller issues the Take Over of contract Addendum for review and endorsement by all parties.
  3. Seller issues Proof of Product and Shipping documents as listed below:

Certificate of Origin Company License to Export Product Passport (Dip Test    Result) Bill of Lading Vessel's Q88 Invoice for Title Transfer

  1. Upon receipt of the above documents by the buyer, buyer makes payment for the Title transfer of the vessel directly to the Refinery via T/T Wire transfer 
  2. Upon receipt of the above payment of the vessel Title transfer, the Ownership Certificate will be issued and remaining Proof of Product and shipping documents will be sent to the buyer alongside the SGS Report at the loading port while the course of the vessel will be re-routed to the current buyer’s discharge port.



  1. Upon arrival of the vessel at Discharge Port, the vessel captain will hand over all the original POP documents to the buyer's representative while buyer pays for the total contract after SGS, CIQ or equivalent inspection at the discharge port via T/T Wire transfer and the re-routing fee will be deducted while offloading will commence immediately.



All parties shall respect and abide with the commercial terms, on approval from refinery`s Board and will be protected including all rolls-over and extensions of any (SPA) bearing the same parties and Original Transaction Code.

This CORPORATE SOFT Ref №: TGOI-LTD/00921123 is for the exclusive benefit of the addressee only. This SCO can be amended on Seller/Buyer agreement.  


New Site

NN&SS Ltd has now officially Launched its new website. Please feel free to add any comments and inform us of what are you thoughts about our new designed web and help us to improve and develop our web pages.


Have you been looking for a way to tap into the ever-lucrative oil and gas industry? Have you been misled into thinking that the oil and gas business is solely for big money players? Well, the truth is that, you can venture into the oil and gas industry with little or even zero capital. And that’s by starting a crude oil brokerage business.

Crude oil brokerage is very lucrative, as it offers a high and fast income earning potential. In fact, it is the best opportunity for a beginning wealth builder to start a petroleum products marketing business without capital investment. I guess you are now wondering how that is possible. Read on to learn more about what the crude oil brokerage business entails, and the steps involved in starting the business.

Crude oil brokerage simply involves scouting for buyers and end users of crude oil products on behalf of one or more major independent petroleum products marketers that you have already established a sales contract with. (Call it the offline version of affiliate marketing and you would be right).

For example, if you are able to connect a buyer who needs 30,000 liters of AGO or DPK with a marketer who has agreed to pay you a commission of 50k per liter, you will earn N15,000 from that deal alone. This way, you can make money without investing anything except the time spent in scouting for buyers. The more companies you have deals with, and the more customers you can attract, the more profit you will make every month.

However, you must bear in mind that the business goes far beyond the description above, as there are certain intricacies and trade secrets that are known only to veterans in the business. This article will only explain the basics that you need to understand about the business. You will have to learn the rest on your own or on-the-job.

With the above in mind, let’s now look at the steps involved in starting a crude oil brokerage business.

How to Start a Crude Oil Brokerage Business – Sample Business Plan Template

1. Learn the basics of the business

The first step you should take is to learn the various terminologies used in the crude oil trade. The following are some of the most commonly used terms and their meanings:

  • FOB (Free on Board):  This classic maritime sales term means that the seller must load the goods on board the ship nominated by the buyer. The costs of clearing the goods for transportation or export are shouldered by the seller.
  • TTO (Tanker-Take-Over): This is a situation where a buyer takes over the hiring of a loaded tanker along with the product it contains.
  • TTT (Tanker-to-Tanker Transfer): This refers to a situation where the buyer hires his own vessel and uses the same to purchase products from the seller.

These terms describe the various forms of delivery arrangements between buyers and sellers of petroleum products. There are still many other terms used in the trade, which you will have to learn before proceeding into real business.

2. Connect with genuine oil marketers

After having understood the terminologies used among oil marketers and sellers, you will need to find genuine oil marketers with mouth-watering sales deals. You can search the web for reputable major oil marketers around you. Once you find their contacts, you can proceed to call them on phone or send them an email to inquire whether they work with brokers and how much commissions they offer, if they do.

3. Search for buyers

Once you have found oil marketers that you can work with, you will start searching for buyers. You can approach big consumers of petroleum products and offer to link them up with your marketer. Most consumers will be reluctant to buy through you at first, but you can lure them into doing that by offering a slightly lower price than what their current oil suppliers are offering.

Convincing sellers to buy from the marketer you are promoting is not an easy task, as most consumers are skeptical. But if you are able to land a number of large-scale consumers, you could become rich overnight.

Once again, never feel tempted to take a plunge into the crude oil brokerage business without taking your time to learn more about all that it entails. This is very important, especially if you intend going into the business for the long term. There is much more to learn about this business than the information you have learned in this post.

With hard work, diligence, and proper implementation of working market tactics, you will start raking huge profits soon after starting your crude oil brokerage business. And that might just be your gateway into bigger oil businesses.